is to enhance the lives of those students who have been impacted by the pain of the prison system—those with incarcerated loved ones and those who have been incarcerated themselves. We establish and sustain high-school clubs that offer students community and emotional support as well as opportunities to publish the writings and artwork they create through the club


Interview with POPS the Club Founder, Amy Friedman,
on the origins of the club

Spark Off Rose & POPS the Club at the Kirk Douglas Theatre,
June 2016

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Our POPS anthologies reflect the world in which the young people whose loved ones are incarcerated live, work and study. Their words and artwork vividly illustrate what it is to grow up without a parent, a sibling, a favorite uncle or best friend. The young people of POPS the Club contribute to the vibrancy of their schools and communities through their eloquence, and our books will deepen your understanding. Please help to support our work and broaden your understanding by purchasing copies.


POPS the Club provides a space for high school students struggling with the Pain of the Prison System.


Success Stories

There’s much to celebrate at POPS the Club - including the launch of several new clubs across the country.


Success Stories

Each week this website will feature a new story by a POPS the Club student from one of our campuses.