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There’s much to celebrate as POPS clubs open in schools across the country. Our fifth anthology will feature work by students from Belmont to Baltimore, Santa Monica to Harrisburg, Culver City to Koreatown. Check out our latest news here.

What We Do

POPS the Club provides a space for high school students struggling with the Pain of the Prison System. We nourish, inspire and empower through conversation, community building and creative expression.

Impact The World

If you would like to donate by check, please make payable to POPS the Club and mail to: P.O. Box 10461, Marina Del Rey, California 90295.

Is to establish and sustain high school clubs for students who have been impacted in any way by the pain of the prison system.
Our clubs nourish, empower, and inspire through creative expression, emotional support, and development of community. We foster healing and empowerment among the students we serve, providing them with the tools and confidence to educate the broader community.
No one shall struggle alone or bear the shame, stigma and sorrow too often connected to those who endure the pain of the prison system.

Dennis Danziger & Amy Friedman

POPS the Club Founders

Our POPS anthologies reflect the world in which the young people whose loved ones are incarcerated live, work and study.

Their words and artwork vividly illustrate what it is to grow up without a parent, a sibling, a favorite uncle or best friend. The young people of POPS the Club contribute to the vibrancy of their schools and communities through their eloquence, and our books will deepen your understanding.

Please help to support our work and broaden your understanding by purchasing copies.

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