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Madge Stein WoodsMadge Stein Woods is involved with several nonprofits working with women prisoners. She is a longtime mentor for women parolees and also sits on the board of R.I.S.E. to Empower. Ms. Woods has worked as a court-appointed mediator. Past president of the board for Action Committee for Women in Prison, she continues to support Christmas gift giving events to women in county jails and prisons in Southern California. Ms. Woods is a native Angeleno, graduate of West L.A.’s public schools.

Christina McDowellChristina McDowell, Community Liaison, is an advocate for restorative justice and juvenile justice reform. She is the author of AFTER PERFECT, a memoir about her father’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment during the wake of the Wall Street implosion, a father-daughter story of what it’s like to lose everything (including a father), pick up the pieces, and start over. Christina frequently visits state prisons to speak on behalf of families of the incarcerated and victims of crime. She is the co-producer of the soon-to-be released documentary The Survivor’s Guide To Prison about America’s mass incarceration crisis, and a former teacher with InsideOUT Writers. Christina has written for numerous magazines and believes in the power of writing to create personal transformation and change.  Christina McDowell’s After Perfect

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