Innocence is given to us all at birth 
But through the pollution of what’s around us 
It is corrupted and tainted without mirth

The pillars of family broken down one by one 
All through your selfish actions
An easy way in life is sought 
But reaped the wrath of the law 

Law and family both broken 
By your actions alone not mistaken 
Again and again 
You had the chance to stop 
 And to change 

Again and again
You kept on going
‘till there was nothing left 
Your actions hefted at court and 
Through blind eyes you were found 
Guilty and responsible—convicted 
For such ignominious actions. 

The freedom which was supposed to be yours 
Unknowingly, my own as well. 
The domino effect through your actions 
Has caused me to walk with a hunch
Shadowed by discomfort 

Deceit in who you are came from my lips 
Painting you to be another. 

All could have been different if only you 
And saw that you would not be alone suffering the consequences 

This pile of rubble must rotate around the blazing fire 
Time and time again ‘til your cage swings wide and free 
And as I wait I must quench this ire 
Forgiveness will not be easy but in time it’s something I hope to give
But trust, once ruined will not be easily be obtained. 

Seeing you in that confined space chokes me 
But it’s something you deserve 
Hearing your voice pains me 
In time I hope you learn
To be someone better – wiser – stronger 
To be someone I can proudly call
my father 

We are all innocent until proven otherwise – but in the end is anyone really innocent? 

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