Emiria Henry16- Finally quiet in the house. It’s not home, Dad would have to be there for that. Momma’s happy though. Good for her.

15- My mom gets tired of yelling all the time. She tells my dad to go and not to come back. He cries…of course he does.

14- New school. No familiar faces. I wish my mom knew what I went through in a day. I stay strong for her, not him.

13- I don’t feel any better. Everything’s supposed to be different but it isn’t. When do I get to be happy?

12- I wake up scared. Daddy’s stumbling into the house. Momma cries and screams. She’s not the scary one.

11- Daddy doesn’t have to work as much. I love him so much.

10- I have a best friend now. She promised she’ll be here for me.

9- Am I a burden to them?

8- Still can’t breathe. No one needs to know.

7- My sister’s happy. She gets to go to high school. That seems fun. She won’t have to be here.

6- Daddy had an accident. Mommy says he’s fine. I guess…

5- Mommy tells me to go back to sleep, but I can’t. Daddy won’t let me.

4- I’m not supposed to be up this late, but Daddy’s too loud. He won’t tell his friends to leave. Mommy doesn’t say anything.

3- I don’t see Daddy as much but I know he loves me. Even with the new addition to the family. Love you, baby brother.


1- I can’t breathe…

0- I open my eyes for the first time and smile. She’s beautiful.

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