Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Form; questions about volunteering, contact Meryah Fisher, Volunteer Coordinator, We are always looking for volunteers for our in-school meetings as well as people to serve as guest speakers and event volunteers.

If you have any other questions about POPS the Club, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator

If you have other questions, media enquiries, or ideas for us, or if you would like to start a POPS Club in your high school, please contact our Deputy Director, Sonia Faye,



  • Approval by high school (and/or district) administrators (we are glad to help you make the pitch!)
  • a high-school-based sponsor (or sponsors), with a room for weekly meetings (we provide training for all school sponsors)
  • volunteers from the community (we provide volunteer training)
  • Food (a central feature of POPS clubs meetings is a communal meal; we will work with you to make this possible)
  • Supplies (cups, plates, napkins, serving utensils)
  • A set of POPS the Club anthologies (we provide each new club with a set of anthologies; your POPS students will be welcome to submit their work for publication in future anthologies)
  • POPS the Club training (we provide frequent trainings and can make training available via Skype as well; we provide training manuals)
  • POPS the Club one-page agreement (between school &, Inc.)

*Many administrators require bylaws and an MOU (Memo of Understanding). We are happy to work with your administrators to create these per your school’s needs. We are happy to provide you with samples of both.

Snail mail enquiries can reach us at P.O. Box 10461, Marina Del Rey, California 90295.