I come from paradise on one street to the ‘hood on the next.
I come from not staying out too late, ‘cause that’s playing with your life.
I come from being an athlete by day and a gang member by night.
I come from where if you make it to see age 18, you’ve hit a milestone in life.
I come from where guns are an accessory to your outfit.
I come from where sirens and helicopters are normal in life.
I come from where if you ain’t got it, you got to go get it, by any means.
I come from where 90% of us don’t have a father figure, and 100% of our mothers worry about if we’ll make it back home once we step out of the house.
I come from being harassed by police for being on the good side of Lincoln Boulevard, the east side.
I come from where if the police interrogate us, we forget how to speak English.
I come from where we push Venice ShoLine Deuce Gang Crip, that’s VSLC 2x and we rep either 5th, 6th, or 7th Ave.

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