Qahirah SmithI Am A Fat Girl

I am a fat girl at heart
I wonder if bacon and tuna taste good together
I hear the sound of bacon grease popping out of a pan
I see my junk food stashed in my drawer
I want cornbread with syrup.

I am a fat girl at heart
I pretend I don’t eat much but I pig out on every piece of junk food in sight
I touch the croissants with chocolate inside at P.O.P.S. and thank the person
who invented such a thing.

I worry I might die of diabetes since I love sweets
I won’t eat apple sauce—just nasty
I cry when I see lite syrup at the store; I need all my sugar.

I am a fat girl at heart
I understand what I eat isn’t good for me
I say I will eat healthy but never do
I dream of Bacon Alfredo; it’s like
Chicken Alfredo but the bacon replaces the chicken.

I try to cut down on y fried chicken with Red Rooster hot sauce
I hope someday there is an unlimited supply of bacon
I am a fat girl at heart.

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