Glorious OwensI Come from Gospel Music Blasting at 4 a.m.

I come from gospel music blasting at 4 a.m.
from my mom speaking in tongues praying for a better life for her kids

I come from snitches get stitches
and I was the main one beaten

I come from hearing gunshots on Century and Hoover
right outside my house
and pressing my face against the tiles
to hold my little sisters to keep them from crying

I come from never letting anybody take my lunch money
and beating down the bullies
to always being in the principal’s office
for slapping a kid in class

I come from sports being my only outlet
for the anger I feel for my enemies

I come from staying at my friend’s house after volleyball games
because it’s too dark to catch the train alone in the hood

I come from feeling like a burden
for being too loud at school and too quiet at home

I come from acting tough in front of other people,
But being scared and childish in front of my family

I come from South Central

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