17. I was accepted into Cal State University Dominguez Hills

16. I was put into therapy due to my nervous breakdown

15. I completed a 26-mile hike through the woods to the highest mountain in Southern California

14. I had my very first Disneyland experience

13. I got drunk for the very first time and passed out

12. I threw a chair across the classroom due to being bullied all the time in class

11. I lost a good friend to a car accident

10. I culminated from fifth grade

9. My grandmother passed away from Diabetes

8. I was about to flunk out of third grade

7. My father was taken to prison

6. My cousin was sentenced to 50 years in prison for drug dealing

5. I have my first birthday party with all my friends

4. My dad left me at home alone to go see my stepmother

3. My dad told me he loved me and would never leave me

2. I said my first few words

1. My mom told me that I was the best thing that had ever happened to her

0. On 8-8-1998 12:45pm I was born into this life

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