previously a POPS the Club Board Member and Board Chair, has long balanced her professional life with community work in support of social justice. Her impassioned work related to mass incarceration includes serving as board chair of POPS, The Club Inc. She also founded Fabian’s Fund, which provides financial resources for higher education to those currently or recently incarcerated. After noting a chronic shortage of housing for recently released men and women, Lydia is also working to create livable transitional housing. Lydia’s passion for dismantling the structures underlying mass incarceration and restoring the lives of those impacted by it emanates from her experience in the Beloved Community with families of incarcerated men and women, and from personal experience: the incarceration and eventual suicide (while incarcerated) of a twenty-one year old, Fabian, who had been raised as her brother. In her professional career, Lydia was most recently a Senior Vice President at Symmetry Financial, a Bellevue, Washington-based financial services company. Lydia’s non-profit work expands outside issues related to the criminal justice system. She serves as trustee of the American Baptist Seminary of the West and as President and Board Chair of the Seattle Central College Foundation

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