Blank walls gray doors cold seats
Dirty glass windows 
Phones dirty 
Wet wipes to clean those shitty ass phones 
So silent that I can hear my heart beat
Your words to the phone don’t even match the beat
Dad, your eyes are more clear, but how long will that be?
Your jumpsuit looks nice, how comfy is that?
You talk about the bed you sleep in 
Cold small shitty made waiting just for you
Open your eyes 
I’m rowing & I see all your dark sides 
Dad, I love you understand 
But don’t expect me to always be your little girl 
I grow every day. I don’t need you 
It’s fine you were never there 
You put your hand to the glass to say your
Two minute goodbye 
That my heart just stops to beat
Cold hearted reminds me of the metal seats
Don’t touch anything 
Shirt so dirty I don’t even want to speak 
Right side there’s a woman talking to her man with a child on her chest 
Child so close to the window pounding to break the glass to reach to his dad
Left side there’s a mother talking to her son 
Reading the Bible and all I hear are her tears  
Right in front of me there’s a man who can hardly speak 
Trying to keep his calm, watching his two daughters pick up a phone for an hour speak
Dad, you have five more minutes to speak 
Say what you want to say but your words always repeat 
As he hangs up, hand to glass to say a goodbye 
See what you did? Your daughters were right 
You don’t deserve them 
As my mom repeats 
Look at your girls, they’re growing up 
To not be half of your blood 

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