I have the power to rise up
Power to me, power to you
My brothers and sisters we must rise up, for what we need for what we believe
What happened to the dream of Dr. King?
That dream was not only for people who looked like me, but for people of all different complexions
Power to you, power to me
Stop all this getting pregnant at 16 and buried before you even hit 18
Make them see that we are much more than a statistic talking about 1-out-of-3
Please tell me what I’ll turn out to be just because of assumptions and test scores that you believe relate to my ethnicity
Power to you, power to me
We are much greater than what we’ve made out of this 21st century
Power to you, power to me
I’m only 17 but I seen some skittish things that I wish I could change dearly but all I did was stand silently
Please stop this gang-banging thing, it’s unnecessary to fight over some color you wanna be or a location that has no real connection with your own history
And the people you chill with won’t even have the slightest sympathy when you get shot down cold
But maybe some beer will be poured out on the ground talking about rest in peace to the dead bros
Then they go on living it up every day while you 6 feet under in a grave
Power to you, power to me
My brothers and sisters, we need to stay focused on our dream and not on these foolish things like trying to be somebody’s trap queen or selling weed
Use your brain wisely
Because, my beautiful queens, that body won’t take you very far, trust me; and my handsome kings, sports are not the only things that can help you get out of the low embolden society
We need to educate the 21st century and make a better future for our children to be
Power to you, power to me
Power to you, power to me
Power to you, power to me
We will rise up and finish his dream just wait and see!

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