Paradyse OakleySecond semester of sixth grade, you went in
Praying every day and night that you would come home.
I remember searching your name, but the results were not what I had expected.

Two years later I graduated High Honor Roll just wanting to make you smile from ear to ear.
Every Saturday or Sunday driving to see you
I was happy and loved telling you about my week
Hoping that you’ll see me graduate from middle, high school or college
I will stay strong and focus on school, like you said.
Fast forward three years
I’m a junior at Lawndale, top 10% of my class of 2017
Hoping that next year you’ll see
Me cross the stage
Making you proud will always be on
The top of my list
Fast forward one year
My senior year, will you be there or not?
I don’t want to cross the stage and
Not see your face on the track.
Will I need to go to jail in my cap and gown?

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