I taught myself how to smoke away my lonely mood,
My momma taught me you should always tell the truth,
Uncle Freddy taught me how to drink my pain away,
My daddy taught me how to lie to my lady’s face,
Lil Chris taught me how to flip my weed,
Alan taught me life can end as young as seventeen,
Grandpa taught me in this life you don’t need nobody,
Adam taught me how to fight and catch a body,
Culver City Police Department taught me the definition of dirty pigs,
Acer’s pops taught me distributing narcotics can show you how to really live,
My friends taught me no one should ever be trusted,
Tupac taught me if it’s gold you earned then it should be flaunted,
Anger taught me it can make you want to caress the cold steel,
John taught me the anger of how it feels to have your brother killed,
Hennessy taught me how it feels to have no control over your faith,
Arianna taught me there’s always someone out there that can relate,
Emotions taught me that anything can be overcome,
Devotion taught me that any goals can be simply done,
Edgar taught me facilitation is punishment for their kind,
God taught me fear is only manipulation over the body’s mind.
Tony Lopez

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