After school on the ground, looking like a young bum was Brian.
Stupid kid looking for something to do.
Go figure, he checked out his history class.
There he found his crazy AP World History teacher, Ms. P, working furiously on papers, scratching them up with her little blue ink pen.
Brian walked to the back of the classroom, fell into a chair and looked at his week-late assignment.
Thirty minutes later he turned it in.
Surprise, surprise.
Ms. P graded it in minutes, called him over, said, “Brian, you’re going to fail this class, but I want you to try again next year. You’re lazy, but you understand the basics here enough to do really well on the AP World History exam.”
So every Wednesday for the next six months, Brian headed over to Ms. P’s classroom after school. And studied.
By year’s end his “shooting star” classmates hated him.
And for good reason.
Brian kicked their 3-out-of-5 butts with a 4 on the AP World History Exam.
And he infuriated the one girl who scored a 5 because a guy “so dumb” almost beat her untouchable score.
And yet, he still earned an “F” in AP World History.

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