Kemontae DafneyThe Struggle

I come from where the odds are against me.

People think Venice, California is a nice place to visit or live, but not for us African-Americans.

I grew up in Venice and it’s always been rough.

Where I live baseball hats don’t represent the major league teams. If you walk past the wrong street wearing the wrong hat, you’re guaranteed to get shot at. In my neighborhood homicides and home invasion robberies happen almost every day.

It’s a struggle where I come from; where everybody is trying to find a way to make it to the top. Where you’re either in the streets and working in the industries. Where I grew up you are either a ballplayer or you’re on the block banging and selling nickel rocks.

Sadly, many people who were good at sports chose the streets.

In my neighborhood you have to be inside your house before the street lights come on, and if you aren’t you’re playing with your life.

I come from a place where people try to make it out, but can’t seem to find the right path.

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