Dori LeighTo Wake up Alone

To wake up alone is to wake up exposed.

Exposed to danger and vulnerability.

Vulnerable to harm, vulnerable to fear.

Fear that gives me nightmares, fear that provides unshed tears.

To wake up alone and see no one around, makes you hear creeks and sounds 
That didn’t exist before now.

To wake up with no mom, no dad, no uncle to protect you, makes you independent, resentful and neglected.

To wake up alone bleeding from your nose and coughing it from your mouth makes you scared, scared like a child running from a hound. Blood, blood, and more bloodshed mixed with tears are now soaked in my bed.

To wake up alone and have no brother or sister as guide makes you a thrill seeker, wanting to ride every ride.

To wake up alone and feel empty inside is a pain that has no bounds.

To wake up alone screaming for help, and to realize no one’s coming and you’re by yourself. Makes waking up alone every day after that, to face every day and see facts as facts.

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