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Giving voice and community to teens with loved ones in prison.

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There’s much to celebrate as POPS clubs open in schools across the country. Our fifth anthology will feature work by students from Belmont to Baltimore, Santa Monica to Harrisburg, Culver City to Koreatown. 

What We Do

POPS the Club provides a space for high school students struggling with the Pain of the Prison System. We nourish, inspire, heal and empower through conversation, community building and creative expression.

Impact The World

POPS the Club’s young people are breaking down systemic barriers– in their minds, in their schools and in their communities– barriers that hobble them economically and socially.

When people are able to tell and share their own stories, they begin to untangle a web too often composed of stigma, sorrow and shame.

Our students’ testimony in writing and on film about the power of a peer community to heal is potent.

“I feel like I’m not alone… I actually found a place to stop keeping in my thoughts …”

“I came to POPS because I want to hear other people’s stories. I don’t want to be alone…”

Each spring we publish an anthology of students’ writings and artwork: “Runaway Thoughts” (2014), “Ghetto by the Sea” (2015), “Before There Were Bars” (2016), “Cracked Masks” (2017). COMING IN MAY 2018: “In the Key of Love.”

Their words and artwork vividly illustrate what it is to grow up without a parent, a sibling, a favorite uncle or best friend. The young people of POPS the Club contribute to the vibrancy of their schools and communities through their eloquence, and our books will deepen your understanding.

Dennis Danziger & Amy Friedman

POPS the Club Founders

POPS the Club Origin Story

In 2013 Dennis Danziger and Amy Friedman founded a club at Venice High School in Los Angeles to provide a safe peer community for teens with loved ones in prison or jail to gather and share, create and process their experiences. Each week 25 students came to Dennis’s classroom to share a communal lunch after which, speakers provided knowledge and guidance and teaching artists helped students write or paint their stories. These original students named their club “POPS” to represent both the Pain of the Prison System and the positive energy of their gatherings.

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